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Feel calm, focused and in control.

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Versatile Support

Hi, I'm Sam Platten, Virtual Assistant

Hey, I’m Sam, a Virtual Assistant for talented coaches, ambitious consultants and driven entrepreneurs. 

The people I work with have no shortage of  plans and ideas to execute but they can start to feel stressed, anxious, out of control or frustrated when they don’t have the time, inclination or specific experience to execute them. This hinders business growth and limits their potential for success and in the worst cases can lead to anxiety, stress and burnout.

I help consultants and entrepreneurs avoid this by helping them plan, prioritise and put into action their ideas. I take over the tasks clogging up their to-do lists, whether that’s copywriting, content creation,  PR activities to raise their profile, marketing planning and implementation, creating lead magnets and sales funnels, writing training notes, proofreading presentations or producing email newsletters.

I help business owners get the things they need to do, but don’t want to do, done.

As a result, my clients’ time is freed up to focus on work only they can do. Work they love. Work they started the business to do. They have space to think clearly, prioritise growth and focus on the future. They can let go of all the boring, time consuming tasks that hold them back. They’re confident and focused, knowing the ‘essential stuff’ is under control. They feel relaxed, energised and motivated. They feel like a boss.

I get it. I know what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious because just writing your to-do list took an hour and you don’t know where to start. It can be paralysing.

… To dread the day ahead because you’re not achieving what you want to whilst simultaneously feeling like you’re never doing enough, torn between working on your business and spending time with your family. Maybe you’ve considered giving up, unsure if your dreams are actually within reach. Whether it’s worth it.

I’ve used my breadth of experience from 20+ years within administration, marketing, PR, project management, and HR roles to provide my clients with versatile support. I’ve been able to give them back their time to plan clearly for the future and to nail down their business plans. I’ve been featured in the media for my results, and best of all my clients tell me they feel less stressed, more confident, and like they’ve regained control of their lives.

When you bring me on as your VA, you’ll be able to focus your attention where it’s needed, safe in the knowledge that everything is under control. You’ll have someone watching your back and cheering you on. Someone who knows your success is theirs.

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my services

Choose the right support for you


Build your brand, entice customers and manage perceptions

Whether you need social media support or a plan of action to raise awareness or encourage sales, I can help you out….


People are your most important asset

Whether you need help selecting or supporting your team I can assist you…


Organised and Efficient

Some people hate admin, I love it! Have a look at the list below to see what I can take off your hands…


Keep your figures in check

If you need someone to log your expenses, do your book keeping or handle your invoicing then I can do that too, I can also recommend an accountant if you need one…


As you’ve got this far, you’re probably wondering how much this will cost. Hiring me to share your business overload is surprisingly affordable as well as relatively low risk.  And it means you don’t have the expense of recruiting and training a permanent team member (or members).

A flexible freelance virtual assistant like me will share the load and fill your gaps. I can work on an ad-hoc, project or retained basis.

Prices will be mutually agreed prior to starting work. Full terms and conditions and contract will be supplied.

FROM £350 per month

Admin / inbox management

£37 per hour ad hoc

You set your business up to do what you love, to do what you’re an expert in, not to be an administrator or to schedule social media posts. Hand your admin over to me while you focus on  your business and on what only you can do.

SPECIALIST retainer options
from £430 per month

Marketing / PR / Recruitment / HR

£45 per hour ad hoc

As a business owner there’s SO much you need to know.  But it’s not always cost effective to “do it yourself”.  My experience in the above areas means I can take on tasks and projects while you work on and in your business. 



priced by project

Whether it’s web copy, blog posts, social media content, press releases, case studies, email sequences or sales funnel wording, I’ll craft copy that resonates with your customers and clearly communicates exactly what you need it to.


"pick my braiN" / get advice

£80 per hour

When you’ve got a particular task or project on your mind and need to help to map it out or advice on how to implement your plan.

1 hour Zoom session to discuss topics of your choice, follow-up summary email with suggested action points and recommendations.


support with setting prioritIes

from £250

When you feel overwhelmed or confused, or need a second opinion. You could be launching a new business, product / service or re-branding.

Includes 2-3 hour Zoom meeting, summary report and recommendations and introductions to any specialists I feel can help you.

bespoke PACKAGES


Bespoke rates

Business is complex, one size rarely fits all and people have different skills, preferences, passions and dislikes.

Book a discovery call, we’ll talk about what you need and how I can help then I’ll come up with a bespoke rate to suit you.


I’d love to talk and find out more about you and whether we’d work well together.

Drop me an email, connect with me on LinkedIn or simply give me a call…

I look forward to hearing from you!

07789 510079